My Blog: Criminal HIV Transmission

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Criminal HIV Transmission is a collection of global news stories, articles and opinion about so-called 'HIV crimes'.

It began in July 2007 as a personal research tool – a way of archiving reports from around the world. However, it became clear within a few months that it might also be a useful resource to others. 

In the past year, more than 20,000 people from 162 countries have viewed the blog, of whom almost 2000 are regular visitors (averaging between 9 and 201+ visits a year).

"The best blog on the web." 

Justice Edwin Cameron, Constitutional Court of South Africa

 (HIV and criminal law in Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden, June 2009)

"A really remarkable resource."

 Matthew Weait, author Intimacy and Responsibility, The Criminalisation of HIV Transmission

(HIV in Europe. Stockholm, Sweden, November 2009)

blog_posterSelective global responses to HIV 'crimes'

I provided an overview of lessons learned from my first year of blogging in a poster presented to the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City in August 2008.

The poster (complete with clickable links to the relevant blog posting in the PDF) is available to download here:

[Download as PDF (112 KB)]

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