HIV Treatments Training Manual (manual)

In 2003, and again in 2005, I edited NAM’s HIV Treatments Training Manual. This huge manual, almost 600 pages long, was a complete toolkit designed for use by trainers to train a range of audiences about HIV treatment and care. It contained transparencies for use with an overhead projector; a CD-ROM of PowerPoint slides; speakers notes; handouts for course participants; and awareness-raising games and exercises. 

Developed to facilitate group work and inform one-to-one discussion it allowed trainers to put together a training event that:

• Provided insight into the basic workings of the immune system.

• Explained how HIV is transmitted.

• Explained the lifecycle of HIV and how it causes disease.

• Explained common medical tests used in HIV care.

• Provided information on the medication used to treat HIV disease.

• Examined some of the practical and emotional issues associated with gaining access to medical care for people with HIV.

• Explained the relationship between HIV and other diseases which may affect people with HIV.

• Provided information on the global HIV epidemic.

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