What people said about my first book, Criminal HIV Transmission:


“The book is written clearly and comprehensibly, and provides a meticulous overview of HIV-related medical and social science, and law.”

Edwin Cameron
(South African Supreme Court Justice)

“Clear, concise, correct and eminently readable ... I was extremely impressed and would very much like a copy for use with 'lay persons' who often come to the department.”

Professor Frances M Gotch
(Division of Investigative Science,
Imperial College, London)

“Brilliant to have this as a new resource – and looking forward to making use of it.”

Chris Morley
(Policy and Publications Co-ordinator,
George House Trust, Manchester)

“Clear, well written and the language user friendly even when covering complex issues.”

Angelina Namiba
(Policy and Involvement Manager,
Positively Women)

“A good clear overview of a complex topic where much is at stake.”

Paul Clift
(Board of Directors, UK Coalition of
People Living with HIV and AIDS)

“An absolutely fantastic and really impressive piece of work. I know that I will find it very useful.”

James Chalmers
(Senior Lecturer, University of
Edinburgh School of Law)

“From the point of view of a police officer dealing with an allegation of deliberate / reckless transmission or exposure,  I think it provides a very concise and user-friendly explanation of HIV and its features which will be of huge use to such an officer.”

Peter Kirkham
(Managing Director, PK Consultancy Ltd,
Security Management and Policing Services Consultancy)

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