About Me

A Brief History


Born in September 1962 and raised near Blackpool, Britain’s favourite seaside playground, I knew early on that I was fascinated with music, film, TV and celebrities. 

This passion began me on a journey that resulted in my becoming a prolific entertainment journalist in the 1980s and 1990s. 

However, it was HIV that would eventually present me with my biggest challenges, both personally and professionally.

Here you can find out more about me,
and my work.

‘A Brief History’ explains who I am,
and where I came from.

My ‘Track Record’ provides an overview
of my work in the HIV field. 

You will find audio, video, print and online interviews with me ‘In The Media’.

To find out what other people have said
about my writing, see ‘Testimonials’.

For a brief note on the ethics of HIV journalism, see 'My Ethics'.

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