I will be attending the High Income Countries Dialogue in Oakland, California 16-17 September 2011 to provide testimony on 'HIV criminalisation: the negative impacts of the criminalisation of people living with HIV for non-disclosure, potential exposure and non-intentional transmission during otherwise consensual sex.' I am also a member of Dialogue Advisory Group.

I will be delivering two keynote presentations at the ASHM conference in Canberra. 'HIV prevention for people living with HIV: why dignity and health must come first' and 'HIV and the criminal law: combating stigma through science'. 


Learn more about the genesis, remit and contents of the first international resource to explore the full range of issues relating to the criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission by watching the video of my presentation at the press conference to launch HIV and the Criminal Law at AIDS 2010 in Vienna.


Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention is the new human rights-based, PLHIV-led paradigm of 'positive prevention', developed by the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+) and UNAIDS. I was the rapporteur at the international technical consultation and have since worked with GNP+ and its partners as editor of a policy framework.

Download the technical consultation report here.

Formerly editor of NAM's flagship newsletter, HIV Treatment Update,  I work as a writer, editor and policy consultant for national and international NGOs. 

My areas of interest and expertise include:

HIV and the criminal law

Human rights and ethics

HIV prevention 

HIV treatment, care and access

As a consultant I currently work with:

GNP+ (the Global Network of People Living with HIV - Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

NAM (National AIDS Manual - London, UK)

NAT (National AIDS Trust - London, UK) 

UNAIDS (The United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS Geneva, Switzerland).

As a journalist, I contribute to:

aidsmap.com (London, UK) 

Baseline magazine (London, UK)

POZ magazine (New York, USA)

I also maintain a widely read blog that reports and comments on laws, prosecutions and media reporting of criminal HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission cases from around the world, and which encourages and highlights advocacy against such laws and prosecutions.

                      FEATURED WORK

I worked with NAT as lead author of a new report,  Estimating the likelihood of recent HIV infection – implications for criminal prosecution, which explores the validity and meaning of the Recent Infection Testing Algorithm HIV tests, or RITA tests, within the context of criminal prosecutions of HIV transmission. 

The report, primarily aimed at professionals working in the criminal justice system and HIV specialists who may be called on as expert witnesses in criminal HIV transmission cases, calls for caution about the potential use of RITA results to determine timing of HIV infection. 


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